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    Child Behavior

    Alcohol and Your Child: What Parents Need to Know

    ASDs Family Handout—Behavioral Challenges

    ASDs Family Handout—Discussing the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) With Your Child

    ASDs Family Handout—Early Intervention Services

    ASDs Family Handout—Emergency Information Form For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)

    ASDs Family Handout—Financial Assistance and Related Programs for Families

    ASDs Family Handout—Gastrointestinal Problems

    ASDs Family Handout—Guardianship

    ASDs Family Handout—Health Care Transition: Moving From Adolescence to Adulthood

    ASDs Family Handout—Inclusion: Elementary School

    ASDs Family Handout—Inclusion: Middle and High School

    ASDs Family Handout—Intervention Approaches Used for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

    ASDs Family Handout—Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine

    ASDs Family Handout—Lab Tests

    ASDs Family Handout—Medications and Your Child

    ASDs Family Handout—Nutrition and Eating Problems

    ASDs Family Handout—School-based Services

    ASDs Family Handout—Seizures and Epilepsy

    ASDs Family Handout—Sibling Issues

    ASDs Family Handout—Sleep Problems

    ASDs Family Handout—Talking About Sexuality for Parents of Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    ASDs Family Handout—Teaching Social Skills

    ASDs Family Handout—The Medical Home for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    ASDs Family Handout—Toilet Training

    ASDs Family Handout—Vaccines

    ASDs Family Handout—Visiting the Doctor

    ASDs Family Handout—Wandering Off (Elopement)


    Bullying: It’s Not OK

    Child Sexual Abuse

    Choosing Quality Child Care: What's Best for Your Family?

    Crying Child - 3 Months and Older

    Dangers of Secondhand Smoke


    Discipline and Your Child


    Eating Disorders: Anorexia and Bulimia


    Growing Independence: Tips for Parents of Young Children

    Help Stop Teenage Suicide

    Helping Your Child Cope With Death

    Hitting (Spanking)

    Home Drug Testing: What Parents Need to Know

    Imaging Tests: A Look Inside Your Child's Body

    Important Information for Teens Who Get Headaches

    Inhalants: What You Need to Know

    Learning Disabilities: What Parents Need to Know

    Listen, Refuse to


    Marijuana: What Parents Need to Know

    Mealtime Hassles

    Morning Hassles

    Newborn Reflexes and Behavior


    Sibling Relationships

    Sibling Rivalry

    Smokeless Tobacco: What You Need to Know

    Substance Abuse Prevention

    Talking With Your Teen About Sex

    Talking With Your Young Child About Sex

    Tattooing and Body Piercing

    Teaching Good Behavior: Tips on How to Discipline

    Teen Dating Violence: Tips for Parents

    Teen Suicide, Mood Disorder, and Depression

    Temper Tantrums

    Temper Tantrums

    The Risks of Tobacco Use

    Thumbs, Fingers, and Pacifiers

    Toilet Training

    Urinary Tract Infections in Young Children

    What is a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician?

    What Is ADHD?

    What is ADHD? Questions from Teens

    What is Clean Intermittent Catheterization?

    What to Do for ADHD


    Your Child's Mental Health: When to Seek Help and Where to Get Help

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